Monthly Archives: June 2007

ScentAir in the News again

“Ah, the sweet smell of electronics. Vanilla, with a hint of orange, to be exact. It’s in the air at the new Sony Style store in Lenox Square, where a little black box on the ceiling puffs out a bit of aroma as shoppers walk through the door.” Dollars and scents of business:

Insightful research into furniture buying patterns

“When it comes to the home, and what that means to people, powerful and rich emotions are triggered. These feelings have nothing to do with a flood of look-alike furniture flyers or hot prices…Deep emotions are triggered by “imprints” that were made in the minds of participants long, long ago.” FURNITURE WORLD Magazine speaks to […]

Over 1,500 fragrances -That’s a lot of choice

Thanks to some smart aroma consulting, you can take the guesswork out of selecting the right fragrance to represent your brand or your business (beyond of course what just smells right). Naturally, selecting scent based on the behaviour it encourages is paramount, however brands and marketers would do well to look into the intriguing legend and legacy fragrances […]