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Back to Herz

I am almost cover to cover with Rachel Herz’s SCENT OF DESIRE. I will try to surmise a deduced hypothesis that would have notable implications for the business of branding: “An original scent when paired with an emotional event will (when re-introduced) at a later date, time or location elicit the same emotional experience (in varying […]

I am reading Rachel Herz’s THE SCENT OF DESIRE

One of -if not THE- foremost white coat on all things olfactory, Rachel Herz has written a book that is easy to pick up, deeply insightful and presents information which is very human right down to the core.  To summarise, to smell is to truly connect with one’s world in a deeply emotional way. In […]

Ragtrader Feature Article on Scent Marketing – 2 November 2007

“Smart retailers aren’t just relying on a shop window to lure shoppers inside their doors these days……Research suggests shoppers will stay 30% longer in a sweet-smelling store…” Nina Lees talks about this international trend happening in Australia Ragtrader is Australia’s premiere fashion business magazine