Monthly Archives: February 2008

Stink Bomb

While retailers and developers turn to positive smells for advertising and marketing, the U.S. Department of Defense has realized the value of bad smells — really bad smells. Unlike pepper spray or tear gas, which irritate pain receptors and can cause serious damage, stink bombs just reek and make unruly crowds disperse in a flash.The idea […]

A Definition of Visual Merchandising

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Visual merchandising is creating visual displays and arranging merchandise assortments within a store to improve the layout and presentation and to increase traffic and sales. As an example, mannequins are commonly used as a way to promote products relating to appearance, such as clothing or accessories. Any attempts as a […]

Modern Bride Magazine calls scent a brilliant idea!

Scent-sational Infuse your big day with fragrances by renting a scent machine (from $300, They are discreetly sized and scent an area up to 2,000 square feet with one cartridge. From Modern Bride magazine ScentEvents uses ScentAir, here featured with ScentWaves –

Smell and the rules of attraction

“…News flash! The way you smell plays a big part in your ability to attract a mate! So says a recent Canadian poll which found that 55 percent of those surveyed said they would be turned off by a date that “smelled bad.” By comparison, only 22 percent said they would lose interest in a […]

Notebook on “Scents of Self”

We can garner valuable insight into the potency of environmental scenting by looking at the human historical love in wearing perfume. “…Without their perfume lines, many of the great fashion houses of the world would struggle to exist. According to industry sources, brands such as Chanel, Armani, Versace and Gucci, just to name a few, […]

The Volkswagen ‘VbubbleU ‘ – ScentAir takes your nose for a Drive

ScentAir takes interactive scent sampling to the road. The Volkswagen or ‘VbubbleU ‘ shows that scents are as powerful as brand icons when it comes to associating memories and emotions with experiences

“Scents of space” says Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald talks about increasing popularity in using ambient scent both in home and business settings. “What Helen Keller described as the “fallen angel” of the senses is undergoing a renaissance. Top architects, scientists, psychologists and marketers are exploring the hidden powers of aroma – in particular, its mysterious ability to plug straight into […]

Kool Aid scented Reeboks

Reebok is set to launch the first in a line of shoes with the built-in scent of America’s favourite drink Kool-Aid. “When two great names like Reebok and Kool-Aid brand get together, the result is some of the freshest gear to ever hit the streets,” promises Reebok’s promo speel. Unveiled on 1 February, the first […]

Scented Bus Shelters

I’m sure everyone knows of the ‘Got Milk’ campaign (its been running for 13 years now). Well the campaign just took a turn down memory lane using the power of smell -no not of milk but the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies, something that loads of Americans consume together with their milk. Lessons learned […]