Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Bad News for 83% of Advertisers – Sydney Morning Herald & The Age 26/03

What we hear and what we smell are more powerful than what we see…Brand futurist Martin Lindstrom says as little as 50 years ago buying groceries was an experience that thoroughly stimulated all of the senses. Householders traipsed through the clatter and colour of vegetable markets and bought their meat in butcher shops that smelled […]

Scented Signage – JCDecaux launches its first Australian ‘scent’ campaign

JCDecaux has launched its first Australian ‘scent’ campaign for Fonterra Connoisseur Yoghurt. The JCDecaux scent boards have been placed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to give consumers a chance to interact with the panels via a button which triggers a vanilla bean scent emission. – credit: BandT magazine

President uses scent to engage voters

A team of supporters of [the now successful] presidential frontrunner Lee Myung-bak has been secretly spraying a perfume called “Great Korea” at his rallies. Volunteers were also present at voting booths  to ensure the same scent drifted through the air. “It will remind people of the identity of Lee Myung-bak. The concept of the perfume […]