Brazil, land of sensuality and samba going big on Scent Branding

Brazil – Branding by the Nose in Brazil by Ana Paula Palombo Terzi

Smell is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week sense. It is turned on all of the time, both when people are awake and sleeping. But does this olfactory fact present actual, viable and achievable branding opportunities and new areas for the branding industry to explore and benefit from? Absolutely.

Nevertheless, experts also speculate that the time for scent branding has arrived. Sales and marketing efforts no longer close deals—they start relationships. With this paradigm shift, business has become even more of a two-way street relationship, and strong relationships are based on emotional connections—which the human sense of smell is able to deliver like no other sense.

Scent marketing goes beyond creating an olfactive equivalent for a brand; it engages consumers to experience a brand on a deeper level and recall what the brand is offering them. Scent marketing aims to create emotional content and stir these emotions—not just on an olfactory level, but in a multi-sensorial context that exploits the complex inner workings of the human mind that bind physical sensation with emotions, attitudes and perceptions.

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