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Scent of Cologne Can Guard Against Virus

In recent weeks, the popularity of traditional Turkish cologne has soared as people now look for a guard to help ward off germs. After the first case of coronavirus in Turkey was announced, people flocked to shops to buy cologne. “The demand for citrus-scented colognes, especially lemon leaped fivefold.” In the Turkish capital, Ankara, people […]

Dance Music smells like Spring Rain – My Paper

Dance music smells like spring rain “If music had a smell, what would it be?” Scent expert and business-development director of scent provider AllSense, Mr Terry Jacobson, was tasked to design scents to accompany music for The Scenthesizer, a Heineken Green Room party held at Gillman Barracks. My Paper spoke to the 37-year-old about how […]

ESPN – St. Louis Rams Scent Stadium

Katie Linendoll: When I was in fourth grade, we had to come up with an invention. Sugar-obsessed, I created a bottle of scented air that would perfume a bakery with fresh-baked smells, such as chocolate chip cookies, enticing people to enter. At 10, I was big on ideas but short on financing and research. Two […]

Enter the “Don Draper of Smell Branding” ~ Fast Company

Give it up for Mark Signorin, AKA ScentAir’s top smell guru (official title: “Director of Fragrance Development). Having personally worked with Mark over the last 5 some years, its great to see him basking in some limelight with this insightful career and industry montage by David Zax at We have worked together on the design of […]

“Aroma billboards on way to Australia.” – Sydney Morning Herald

Mark Russell, from the Melbourne Age, talks to us about Scent Marketing as a trend. He anchors his article on the billboard we recently scented in North Carolina. // A rare sight, for now… the aroma of grilled beef wafts from this US billboard. IMAGINE driving along the freeway and suddenly getting a whiff of […]

Bloomingdales Scent Strategy featured in Stores Magazine

ScentAir was featured in the July issue of Stores magazine, the official publication of the National Retail Federation, which follows retail trends and consumer habits. Their observation of the success of scent marketing thrust ScentAir into the spotlight, with a great article focusing on ScentAir’s relationship with Bloomingdales. At Bloomingdale’s, holiday planning starts in May, […]

BURGER KING® FLAME™ – Body spray of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat

No jokes! American men (and women?) can for a mere $US3.99 get it on, that is get the scent of flame grilled burger on. According to their official website ( “The Whopper sandwich is America’s favourite burger, Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold … now you […]

Travel agency using its own holiday scent since 2002

Thomson travel agency has been using its own holiday scent since 2002. Using scent to create a holiday atmosphere in a store pulls on the emotional strings that motivate people to book a trip. The high-street holiday firm pumps out a coconut aroma in three-quarters of its stores and believes offering a sensory experience pushes […]

Customer Sevice Centres show the way with Scent

Post Properties has rolled out ScentAir Technologies scent delivery system across its 62-community, 22,400-unit portfolio, as part of the company’s Branded Leasing Office Experience. That experience is intended to strengthen the Post identity and brand by providing customers with a consistent, pleasant experience from community to community, said Post Properties Director of Branding and Advertising […]

Stink Bomb

While retailers and developers turn to positive smells for advertising and marketing, the U.S. Department of Defense has realized the value of bad smells — really bad smells. Unlike pepper spray or tear gas, which irritate pain receptors and can cause serious damage, stink bombs just reek and make unruly crowds disperse in a flash.The idea […]