Scent Marketing Malaysia

Food and Beverage - ALLSENSE.

Its a fact -humans taste food with their noses.

Yes it may look and feel good, but if it doesnt smell the part, it won’t get closer than 1 cm to your mouth.

ScentAir’s ScentWave System can help create an ‘Aroma Billboard’ for your product and let customers sample the flavour with the wrapper on!

Some Convenience, Food & Beverage clients include Craft Foods, McDonald’s, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gambles & Wendy’s

Harness the power of scent in a clean, safe, subtle and controlled way. Contact Contact ScentAir Singapore and create a scent solution that works for you.

The Short and Sweet of the Story

Our patented scent delivery systems are the key to putting the power of scent to work for your business. Our scent delivery systems use a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.


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How to put the Power of Scent to work for your Business

Your guide to marketing with scent