ION Orchard, Award Winning Iconic Mall opens to Sweet Smell of Shopping


SINGAPORE – Seated at the junction of Orchard and Paterson Roads, at the prime site of Singapore’s commercial and shopping artery, ION Orchard, the Orchard Turn retail-cum-luxury residential development, one of the most anticipated projects in Singapore, has opened.

A Shopaholic Fantasy- Laid out over 640,000 square feet of nett lettable space across eight floors, and with 335 shops, ION Orchard, will house a collection of global flagship and concept stores of both established and new to-market brands, covering the spectrum of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and F&B.  Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, are to name a few.

The mall will also be home to ten duplex flagship stores of some of Singapore’s most favourite international fashion brands. Six of these luxury brand duplex stores comprise a combined area of almost 50,000 square feet.

Speaking at a media preview of the mall’s opening, Ms Soon Su Lin, Chief Executive of Orchard Turn Developments, said: “Our vision for ION Orchard was to create an experience – an icon fitting of its unmatched location at the gateway to one of Asia’s most vibrant shopping strips. This vision has now become a reality, bringing a renewed freshness and energy to the surroundings.”

“True to the multisensory promise that the mall will offer; customized ION Orchard Signature scents have been created and will be subtly diffused throughout the mall…ensuring a complete and engaging experience to any visitor.”

“ION Orchard is committed to redefining the entire customer experience,” says Terry Jacobson, Managing Director of AllSense Pte Ltd. “An architectural masterpiece, it was a no-brainer they decided to extend the traditional paradigm of sight and sound into the realm of scent.  Our sense of smell has been long been overlooked as a decisive vehicle through which we as humans perceive and interpret the world around us, perhaps because it is so automatic. Our sense of smell is also the seat of our capacity for memory and emotion – it is on this note we promise ION Orchard shoppers a truly memorable experience!”


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CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, the multinational company’s core businesses in real estate, hospitality and real estate financial services are focused in growth cities in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

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Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) is one of largest developers in Asia, and its core business is in developing all types of projects both for sale and investment. The company has created some of the most memorable icons on the Hong Kong skyline, including International Finance Centre – currently the tallest building in the territory – and it is now developing International Commerce Centre, which will soon reign as the tallest structure in Hong Kong and the third tallest in the world.

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With offices in Sydney, Australia and Singapore, AllSense is a pioneer in the creation, deployment and measurement of experiential media for brands and retailers.  AllSense partners with ScentAir Technologies Inc, a global presence in aroma marketing solutions and scent delivery systems. With over 20,000 proven commercial placements in 82 countries and generating over 1 billion scent impressons per year, household names like Westin, Sheraton, Jimmy Choo and Lucky Brand Jeans rely on ScentAir to deliver on the promise of a unique in-store experience for their clientele.

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