Science and Research

For something so groundbreaking, the field of research into scent marketing for businesses has been muted for so long. But no longer….

Scent Marketing Research papers:

Analysis of Autobiographical Memories Triggered by Olfactory

Congruency of Scent and Music as a Driver of In-Store Evaluations

Effects of Gender-Congruent Ambient Scent on Approach…

Emotional Responses to Pleasant and Unpleasant Olfactory…

It’s Beginning to Smell (and Sound) a Lot Like Christmas

Odor-associative Learning and Emotion

Odor-evoked Autobiographical Memories

The Use of Olfaction to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Further Scent Marketing Industry Resources for Businesses:
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Sense of Smell Institute Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation
Dr. Rachel Herz – Brown University
Dr. Alan Hirsh – Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation
Eric R. Spangenberg, Ph.D. – Washington State University
Dr. Gerald Zaltman – Harvard Business School