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CityCenter Las Vegas comes to Life

CityCenter Las Vegas…the newest section of “desert gold” named Best Commercial project of 2009, the 18 million square foot complex has emerged replete with starchitecture, job opportunities and of course, the smell of success with ScentAir providing scent delivery technology in four of the five luxury resorts. ScentAir’s presence is noticed immediately in the enormous […]

Gilly Hicks Sydney, an X-rated Abercrombie?

The new brainchild (or should we say ‘sex’ child) of the Abercrombie family – Gilly Hicks. See the video clip if you dare…http://www.gillyhicks.com/ True to the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, ScentAir deployed A & F’s scent signature using ScentAir’s HVAC scent delivery system. If you visited an Abercrombie store, or more so if you have visited […]