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Scented tour of Singapore – TimeOut

Always good to see our clients making the hit list on this scented walking tour of Singapore… “She’s done the architectural walks and food trips, this time Goh Siau Rui follows her nose and discovers the city’s best-smelling customised scents…” http://www.timeoutsingapore.com/aroundtown/feature/scented-tour-of-singapore

The Odor Effect: Stores That Smell Better Do Better Business – Jewelers’ Circular Keystone

Take a whiff. What does your store smell like? If the answer is Mr. Clean, Lean Cuisine, or “nothing,” consider the latest research in scent marketing. Time magazine reports that researchers in Belgium recently conducted a 10-day experiment at a chain bookstore that gauged customer behavior when the smell of chocolate wafted through the air. […]

Sunday Times talks Scent in Singapore Shopping Malls

“Scents help with brand association and forge an intimate bond with shoppers,” reports the Times. The Sunday Times speaks to yours truly about our work with various Shopping Mall clients in Singapore: “The decade-old industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to a growing body of research on the subject, better and more accessible technology and greater interest from businesses […]

Sweet smell of success on Orchard Road – The Australian

“What scent will make you spend more? Probably a subtle mix of natural herbs, fruits and flowers as blended by fragrance consultants (THAT WOULD BE US) of Singapore’s super-cool, ultra hi-tech retail mall ION Orchard in the heart of the city-state’s main retail precinct in Orchard Road.” “ION Orchard was designed by British architectural firm […]

Harrods introduces scent marketing

Leading luxury retailer, Harrods is set to lead the way in multi-sensory experiences by injecting tailored aromas into its stores to improve the buying experience. A variety of scents have been positioned around Harrods to provoke memories and encourage customers to feel positive about the buying experience. Coconut oil will feature in the ladies swimwear […]