Universities Commission Signature Scents

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Colleges and universities are capturing the unique elements of their brands and creating signature scents. So far, the scents have been sold as personal fragrance rather than environmental scents, but it is the next logical step to use the signature scents at recruiting events, open houses, freshman orientation and other events on campus and off.

Here are some examples:

Texas A & M – rose, vanilla and apple

Penn State University (women’s)- cassis, Moroccan rose, evening lilac, jasmine, raspberry blossom, vanilla and amber

University of North Carolina (men’s) – neroli, lemon, bergamot, lavender, geranium, white pepper, tonka bean, vetiver and cashmere woods

University of Florida (women’s) – orange valencia, white grapefruit, orange flower, honeysuckle, hibiscus and musk

University of Oklahoma (men’s) – crushed basil, neroli, bergamot, geranium, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood and musk

Notre Dame is about to release its own signature scent shortly but the details have not been shared. In addition to perfume and cologne, Notre Dame’s scent will be available in body wash, lotion, aftershave, hand sanitizer and lip balm.


Jennifer Dublino reports (June 28th, 2013)


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